Emery has got to go

Only Arsenal would lose a European cup final to a rival 4-1. Only Arsenal would start a player who is about to join the opponents. Only Arsenal would pay a passenger £350k a week.

When its all said and done, this season comes down to the following:

  1. When it really mattered in the Premier League we took 4 points from 6 games.
  2. When we had a chance to redeem our season we conceded 4 goals in 23 minutes to lose a European cup final.

This should be unacceptable for Arsenal football club and Unai Emery should be sacked. I have liked a lot of what the Spaniard has done this season, but in the last two months he has shown he cannot steer a team through key moments. I can accept losses, but the manner of our demise is mind-boggling. I know this contradicts my previous belief that Emery should be given three years, but we need to send a message to current and future Arsenal players and staff that this kind of collapse is unacceptable.

Blogging is very hard when you are a fan as your emotion and passion can stifle objectivity. I was a bag of nerves leading up to the Europa League final and suffered severe writers block as a result. Ironically, this result has released the tension and my angst has been replaced with apathy.

Is this really what Arsenal Football Club has come to? We need to return pride and honour to this club.

I will wait a few days and share my thoughts on how we can move forward.